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Git in RStudio

If you see this piece on my site, it means I succesfully wrote and pushed a post to my github repository using RStudio only.

When I just started blogging with satic site generated by Hugo through blogdown, I was so fresh a freshmen that I had no idea what all these were about. It is a relatively long tool chain from generating the scaffold of my site, hosting the building files on github to publishing it on Netlify. There are also little tweaks like customization of my domain name on a DNS server, and enabling https encryption to my site. Luckily I received great help from Yihui, the creator of blogdown, and learned the bases that are enough for me to enjoy blogging. The amazing point is that once you estalish your site, you just need to open RStudio and start writing, easy and natural.

One more thing that I still need to handle is to push the posts written in RStudio to my github repository using git from command line. I know it is possible to do all this in RStudio, but I have never tried. Writing this post, I aim to try git in RStudio out.