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R notes

This post is an R learning note for myself. It will not be a comprehensive summary on R learning, but highly adapted to my own needs.

Learning by using is, I think, the best way to get new skills. I am not sure how widely this idea can be applied, but it works very well for learning programming.

I started learning R two years ago, but I still feel I am a stranger to R, and R is a stranger to me. I know some basics, but I can not use R as I use Chinese or English. I feel R is Japanese to me. The reason is, I think, I do not use R often.

“Not to use R often” leads to two consequences:

  1. I can not be fluent in R, as in any languages.
  2. I can not accumulate knowledge in R, as in any languages.

If I meet a problem when using R, I often look it up online and can find a solution. But after solving the problem, I forget the details of the solution soon.

To improve my R skill, I decide to starting writing about experiences of using R, and routly read something on R and record the parts I feel useful.

This post is where I put my R experience. I will update it now and then to add small tips of using R. I will write a seperate post if the topic requires a big space to cover.

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